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University and a new school year beckons

Following a nail-biting summer in the Ranger household during which young members of the clan waited on their exam results with a feverish anticipation, Hannah, Claire & Bob’s daughter is off to university in a few weeks and their son Henry starts his 6th form studies.

Naturally Claire has insisted on giving both a thorough eye examination during the summer holidays as part of their normal preparation for a new academic year.

“Eye sight is intrinsically linked with a great many facets of human brain function,” Claire explained.

“This is especially so for young people with developing brains. Poor eyesight or eye health is a profound inhibitor which can stop a child from reaching their full potential.”

Claire’s passion for this subject is palpable and not only because it concerns her own children. In the field of Behavioural Optometry Claire’s expertise is matched by only a mere handful of other UK Optometrist. The pioneering treatments she offers help sufferers of Dyslexia and other sight related learning disabilities, to overcome some of the challenges associated with their conditions.

“It is vital that all children starting and going back to school should have an eye examination and parents who wish provide the best possible chance for their kids, shouldn’t wait until they complain that they cannot see the black-board”

So don’t forget, hair-cut, eye examination, visit to Ikea and they’re all set!


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