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Regular Eye Examinations

Getting your eyes checked is vital.

We all get our teeth checked out at least once a year but losing one’s eyesight is far more important than losing a tooth.

Studies have found that the one sense people do not want to lose is their eyesight. Life without being able to see is dreadful. Further, deteriorating eyesight often goes unnoticed.

How many times have we heard “I can see fine; I don’t need to get glasses”. We have dental check-ups to arrest or treat problems before they arise so why not you vision?

Having an eye examination every 2 years means you can be assured your eyes are healthy and you can see as well as possible. If something is going wrong, and this is actually very rare, we can ensure you are treated as quickly as possible and have the best outcome possible too.

We are here to ensure you have healthy eyes. Please call us on 01908 695395 to book your next appointment.


At H&D we have the most advance array of instrumentation with which we offer one of the most thorough eye tests available, anywhere


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