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Relief from the torment of itchy eyes

Itchy eyes? Keep wanting to rub your eyes and then they become sore? Gritty at the end of the day? – Well Claire and her colleagues have the answer!

Dry eyes can cause many different sensations including grittiness, itchiness, soreness, discomfort and tiredness.

Using screens reduces your blink rate – on average you blink once every couple of seconds, however, when looking at screens it’s once every 15 seconds. Blinking spreads your tears across your eyes and helps your eyes produce more tears. Our tears act as a lubricant whilst blinking and they play an important role in maintaining eye health. When you blink less, the front surface of your eyes dries out making them feel uncomfortable and gritty.

Therefore, you need to blink more. Remember, every time you click the mouse or click ‘enter’, blink!

There are many treatments for dry eyes. The first line treatment is specialist eye drops. There are many types of eye drops available and you need to make sure you use the right ones for dry eyes and not the generic ones you can get on the high street.

At Hammond and Dummer we have a large range of eye drops and can advise on the best ones for your particular concerns. One important thing to remember is to use drops without preservatives. Preservatives can lead to other eye problems such as red eyes.

If you have chronic dry eyes, and regular use of drops doesn’t ease your symptoms, then book in for a Tear Clinic appointment. Your one hour consultation allows us to thoroughly investigate your eye lids, eyelid margins, tear quality and tear production to find out exactly why your eyes are dry. We can then tailor your treatment and help your eyes become more comfortable.


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