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Is there a need to go to your GP for eye problems?

It’s not just doctors who can write prescriptions.

In 2007 legislation changed to allow suitably trained Optometrists to qualify as Independent Prescribers, thus allowing them to treat many eye diseases and to write prescriptions.

Claire was one of the first optometrists in the UK to undertake extensive training at City University London combined with study at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. She qualified in 2012 and has the Diploma in Therapeutics for Independent Prescribing.

If you have any eye problems Claire will be able to help you. Hammond and Dummer has invested in the most advanced technology currently available, and we certainly have more than found in most hospital departments. This enables us to check your eyes in minute detail to identify any problems and start a treatment plan.

There is now no point in calling your GP or going to the walk-in centre for eye complaints, just call Claire. We will be able to look after you in a relaxed environment, almost immediately and will take the time to explain everything thoroughly.

Don’t forget, ‘Think Eyes – Think Claire

You can reach Claire and all her talented colleagues on 01908 695395 or click here to book an appointment


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