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Behavioral Optometry

Behavioural Optometry

Claire and Emma, having completed the required training, are now fully accredited to offer Behavioural Optometry and Visual Therapy here at H&D.

Vision is not simply sight but is the result of taking meaning from all sensory inputs and then used to direct action. Be that reading and writing, throwing and catching, moving your body or objects through space. Some people (children or adults) with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia as well as general accommodative (focussing) weaknesses or tracking issues have a problem somewhere along this pathway and can benefit from visual therapy.

Behavioral Optometry

The aim of Behavioural Optometry is to make the patient aware of new relationships in their visual world, and through these new relationships learn to utilise processes that allow them to extract a greater amount of information in a more efficient manner. We help them improve the areas where we find weakness, be it eye movement control (focussing, tracking, saccades), spatial awareness and visual memory, hand eye coordination, balance, directionality and centre-periphery integration. This is done though exercises both regularly in practice and 20 mins daily at home, which will give the patient more confidence and ease in performing daily tasks.


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