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We are expanding to provide you with even more

We strive to be at the forefront of adopting the latest instrumentation and procedures to help our patients in all aspects of their visual health.

To accommodate our treatments in dry eye therapy, medical prescribing and to advance our practice of Behavioural Optometry we needed more space. Also, we needed to provide proper facilities for our talented, professional staff as, up to now, they have been crammed into a small room.

The adjacent unit in the CBX2 became vacant before Christmas and we decided to rent this facility and convert it into more consulting rooms. We aim to invite visiting Ophthalmology Consultants for the benefit of our patients and use other consulting rooms for our important therapies.

Offices in the new unit will allow us to move some staff across the atrium and convert the existing offices into a brand new instrumentation suite, contact lens teaching facility and laboratory.

Exciting times at H&D and this fulfils Claire’s passion to provide exemplary, comprehensive care to all aspects of your vision.


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