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At Hammond & Dummer we have access to all, and any, lenses available worldwide. We can fit and prescribe the best lens for you. We offer you time and expertise to find the right lens that is both comfortable and maximises your vision.

Investment in contact lens technology means modern lenses can be worn by most, and are so comfortable you don’t know you're wearing them. We can prescribe lenses for astigmatism (rugby ball shaped eyes), presbyopia (when you need a different prescription for reading), keratoconus, myopia management, to change the colour of your eyes, and even ones that go darker in sunlight.

Ortho-K Lenses

Imagine waking up in the morning to perfect vision! Most short sighted (myopic) people cannot do this without first putting on their glasses. We are the leading provider of lenses that painlessly ‘reshape’ your eyes whilst you sleep, enabling you to see during the day without glasses or contact lenses. These are called OrthoK lenses.

They are ideal for those who find normal lens wear difficult or hate wearing contact lenses during the day.

Award Winning

Hammond & Dummer were voted winner of the Contact Lens Patient Engagement Award at the Optician Awards which is testament to the expertise and professionalism found at Hammond and Dummer. We take the time to find out your lifestyle, sports and interests so we can find the perfect lens for you.

See our range of contact lenses here.

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