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Half the world could need glasses in 30 years if we don’t stop staring at screens

Specialist overnight contact lenses – Orthokeratology lenses have been used for many years now and gently reshape your corneas whilst you sleep. During the day you can see perfectly well without the need for glasses or contact lenses. These lenses are extremely effective in slowing down myopic progression and we have many people successfully wearing them here at Hammond and Dummer. Specialist Daily contact lenses – about 5 years ago Hammond and Dummer were one of the first practices in the UK to start fitting MiSight daily contact lenses. These daily disposable lenses are clinically proven to slow myopic progression in around 60% of children and are useful if you prefer to wear lenses during the day. There are also other daily lenses if you have a higher prescription than that currently available Specialist spectacle lenses – Earlier this year Hoya introduced MiyoSMART spectacle lenses. Again, proven to slow myopic progression in around 60% of children. So for those who don’t want to wear contact lenses, there are now glasses that can help. Hammond and Dummer have been helping reduce myopia for many years now and have seen some wonderful results. Call us on 01908 695395 to find out more.


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