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A little more than two decades ago, three friends from Copenhagen - Henrik Ørgreen, Gregers Fastrup and Sahra Lysell - started their own eyewear label, Ørgreen Optics. Their aim? Design timeless-looking frames for quality-conscious people across the globe. It’s been a long journey since 1997, but a worthwhile one as the brand now enjoys international fame, with eyewear designs available in more than fifty countries worldwide. The company currently has its headquarters in the beautiful Ørgreen Studios in the heart of Copenhagen with a separate office in Berkley, California which runs operations for the North American market. Despite their ongoing growth, Ørgreen Optics still possesses an entrepreneurial culture, with determined and passionate people.

The Ørgreen Studios – the in-house institution for limitless creativity – is where the magic happens. Inspired by high-end materials, the Ørgreen creative team prides itself in creating unique visual merchandising solutions, as well as highly attractive content across all platforms. The studio’s aim is to communicate the brand’s core traits: innovative aesthetics, top customer care, and, of course, quality. The Ørgreen Studios is situated in a historic building in the heart of the iconic Copenhagen area of Christianshavn, an inspiring place to be continuously creative.

Holding a pair of Ørgreen glasses means looking at the perfect composition of individual design choices – even down to the color selection. With their dedicated in-house colorist Sahra Lysell, the brand has put great effort into developing unique color stories which draw inspiration from art, design, architecture and nature: “I like colours in nature - how they affect us, how they make us energetic and happy, and how we are touched by frequencies when we see colour.” – Sahra Lysell, Sinir colorist.

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