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Stylish, fun and properly fitting quality eyewear, specifically for children and teens

Children are not scaled down versions of adults. Their facial features are very different; so children’s glasses need to be designed with this in mind. Here at Hammond & Dummer you’ll find a large range of stunning quality children’s frames that meet our high standard of style and durability.



Babies have a very little bridge to their nose which is also much lower than an adult, so frames must have a very specific shape to accommodate this. The frames must also be lightweight and soft enough so that they do not hinder the growth of the nose.

We offer you frames made specifically for babies. Our talented Dispensing Opticians have lots of experience in getting the right frame for their face shape and prescription.



As children grow, their faces change shape. All who wear glasses need them to fit correctly so that they are looking through the centre of the lenses. Toddlers also need robust frames to ensure they don’t break or damage their faces during the rough and tumble of their lives. We ensure that frames are adjusted to fit correctly; and only have frames that are safe and robust.


Growing children

Older children have their own ideas about what they want their glasses to look like. We have a huge range of different styles and colours to suit all requirements. All of which are designed with style and robustness, combined with the practicalities of holding lenses in front of eyes.


Children’s sunglasses

Proper and appropriate sunglasses are even more important for children that adults. Sunlight damage accumulates over time, and we are seeing patients who exhibit UV damage to their eyes at ever younger ages. We all slap on the sun cream and give our kids hats but do we give the same thought to their eyes?


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