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The best vision possible, from the best lenses in the world

There are lenses… and there are premium lenses. At Hammond & Dummer we supply premium quality lenses and use a range of advanced coatings and treatments to ensure your vision is clear, sharp, and eyes are less fatigued.

Award Winning

Hammond & Dummer are past winners of the prestigious UK award for Premium Lens Practice. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest in lens technology from all manufacturers, not just a select few. We take the time to understand your optical and lifestyle needs so we can offer you the best vision possible, from the best lenses in the world.

Bespoke for you

Let us help you find the best lens possible, bespoke to you. The varifocal lenses we prescribe have a significantly wider window of vision meaning that you will never have to move your head to accommodate poor quality lenses. 


Last year Hammond & Dummer were recognised by Rodenstock as The UK Centre of Excellence. Rodenstock is one of the world’s finest bespoke lens manufacturers tailoring to the niche and premium sector.


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