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It’s all about the service

As has probably become clear, our reputation and indeed our entire business is built on a high quality of service and customer care. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about our practice and the high quality care we provide.

Is Hammond & Dummer a franchise or part of a large group?

No, Hammond & Dummer is a single optical practice owned by Claire Ranger and her husband Bob. The family live in Milton Keynes and they are part of the local community.

This type of ‘owner occupied’ practice is very rare in the UK and the only one in Milton Keynes.

Why do you have a grand piano?

Hasn’t everybody?!

Seriously, we thought we could use an empty piano as a dispensing desk. The idea took hold and escalated such that we now have a resident pianist who plays once a week.

Please call reception to find out when Nigel next performs and come alone to listen and enjoy a cuppa or something slightly stronger!

Are all opticians the same?

All optometrists should have the basic qualifications – a BSc in optometry and be registered by the General Optical Council. However, a elite few have decided to engage in postgraduate study. Claire has spent years qualifying as an Independent Prescriber and Behavioural Optometrist. Nothing in life is homogenous.

What is a Bespoke Optician?

Think eyes, think ClaireWe use the term to highlight our overriding ambition to treat you as an individual and offer you products and services that are unique to you.

This involves time and patience but the rewards are that you get the very best treatment and, in time, form great relationships with Claire and the ‘girls’. Don’t forget: Think eyes – Think Claire!

Does Hammond & Dummer carry out NHS sight tests?

NHS Eye test Milton KeynesYes, for those covered under the NHS regulations.

Click the red tab on the left to book your eye exam right now. 

Claire is an ’Independent Prescriber’. What does this mean?

Independent prescriberClaire has engaged in years of post-graduate study to become part of a very small group of opticians in the UK that can prescribe drugs and medication to all of her patients.

Having studied the eyes for over 30 years there’s not much she hasn’t experienced.

If you have an eye problem then Claire is the person to see. No wait to see a GP; most patients can be seen, diagnosed, treated or referred to hospital within a day.

Claire also has qualified as a Behavioural Optometrist?

Yes. Having a son who is dyslexic lead Claire to study for a further three years to be able to help in the diagnosis of learning disorders. Please feel free to contact Claire to find out how she can help.

What makes Hammond & Dummer so special?

Quality and care!

Claire loves her practice and will go the extra mile for her patients. The quality of everything you’ll experience of the highest order; products, eye examination, care and her exemplary small and friendly team of eye professionals.

How long is an eye examination?

Time restraints don’t exist at Hammond & Dummer.

It’s as long as it takes and that can be upwards of an hour do perform an exhaustive, comprehensive examination.

It is your primary sense so it’s vital we take time and do the job properly!

Do we have to buy glasses?

No. Unlike almost all other opticians Hammond & Dummer do not set sales targets and conversion rates for the staff. It is abhorrent to Claire that some in her profession have to make so many sales in a day or week thereby pressuring patients to buy.

I find that all opticians have similar glasses. Do H&D have anything different?

Absolutely! Claire and her talented dispensers buy all the glasses for the practice directly from the manufacturers. They stock the finest eyewear to be found anywhere in the world and pride themselves on having the best portfolio of brands available anywhere in the UK.

Sounds great, but bet they are expensive?

Hammond & Dummer also has glasses that will fit any budget. Don’t be put off experiencing this ultimate level of care and quality service thinking this eyewear cannot be afforded.

Come and see the range and ask Claire about her own range of eyewear specially made for her at less than you’d pay in the high street multiples.

I have been told I cannot wear contact lenses. Is this true?

Almost 100% of people can wear contact lenses. In some patients’ time and patience is required to teach and help those who find wearing contact lenses difficult.

Hammond & Dummer stock every contact lens manufacturer’s lenses. We can choose any make for you from all those made worldwide. We are not limited to a few companies that are chosen on a commercial basis. Come and talk to us – we are certain we can help you.

At what age should I get my children’s’ eyes tested?

Well as early as possible.

We suggest starting eye tests at age three but please talk to Claire if you think you’d like to get even smaller children tested. We are a child friendly practice and love to welcome kids to the practice.

What happens if I need to see an ophthalmologist at the hospital?

We can help!

Claire has formed respected professional relationships with all the ophthalmologists in the wider area. She did some of her post graduate training at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and sits on the Buckinghamshire Optical Committee. Claire is perfectly able to refer to clinics and A&E at MK, Luton, Aylesbury and Northampton.

Are all eye drops the same?

No! That’s one reason we are bespoke opticians – we tailor your care and medication for you. We analyse your tears and prescribe the most appropriate drops and products for your eyes.

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