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CHILDREN's GLASSES - Children are not scaled down versions of adults. Their facial features are very different and so spectacle frames need to be designed with this in mind.

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Children are not scaled down versions of adults. Their facial features are very different and so spectacle frames need to be designed with this in mind.
Trust Hammond & Dummer for your children’s glasses, contact lenses and eye tests in Milton Keynes.

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Babies have a very little bridge to their nose which is also much lower than an adult’s, so frames have to have very specific shape to accommodate this. The frames also have to be light weight and soft enough so that they do not hinder the growth of the nose.

At Hammond and Dummer we have a selection of manufacturers who make special frames to fit babies. Our talented Dispensing Opticians have lots of experience in getting the right frame for their face shape and prescription.


As children grow, their faces change shape. All who wear glasses need them to fit correctly so that they are looking through the centre of the lenses. Toddlers also need robust frames to ensure they don’t break or damage their faces during the rough and tumble of their lives.

We ensure that frames are adjusted to fit correctly and only have frames that are safe and robust.

Growing Children

Older children have their own ideas about what they want their glasses to look like. We have a huge range of different styles and colours to suit all requirements. All of which are designed with style and robustness, combined with the practicalities of holding lenses in front of eyes.

Children's Glasses | Milton Keynes


Proper and appropriate sunglasses are even more important for children that adults. Sunlight damage is accumulative over time and we are seeing patients who exhibit UV damage to their eyes at ever younger ages.

We all slap on the sun cream and give our kids hats but do we give much thought to their eyes?

Please consult us as to the best possible lenses that offer you maximum protection. Not all sunnies protect so make sure you have the right lenses.

Don’t forget winter sunshine – although the sun is somewhat weaker it is lower in the sky and shines horizontally. When you put on your sunglasses, put theirs on too – all year round!

Hammond and Dummer have an amazing range of sunglasses to suit all ages and fashion tastes. From practically indestructible baby ones to cool teenager styles. Pop in to have a browse of our extensive range.


See the colours, read the words. Do you, or any one you know, have dyslexia or colour vision problems?

The ChromaGen™ system allows us to examine eyes individually and prescribe coloured filters that are bespoke to you.

These filters can be worn as spectacles or contact lenses. Originally designed to help people with colour deficiencies differentiate between colours more effectively, they are now also advocated to help people with reading disorders or ASD.

These filters help re synchronise the information pathways to the brain to improve accuracy of reading, writing and comprehension.




Chromogen colour analysis
behavioural optometry
Help with dyslexia

Let us take care of your children’s eyes

We want to offer your children the best possible eye examination. We take time and care and so can look after your eyes to the best of our abilities. We build relationships and have many people coming back for years as they value the care we offer.

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