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High Praise from Our Wonderful Customers.

Opticians Milton Keynes

It’s all about the service

As has probably become clear, we’ve built our reputation and indeed our entire business, is built on a high quality of service and customer care. Here we showcase an extensive record of the recent feedback we’ve received for our customers.

Claire and The Team are fantastic

“Claire and her Team are fantastic! I have been her client for 12 years and my 4-yr old daughter, Elise, has been wearing specs since the age of two. The have a very friendly Practice, always exceptionally helpful and most importantly remember their clients by name. Elise loves going there as they have little treats and toys for children and a grand piano which she loves. Their specs are very fashionable, and especially for children, they offer a great range which you would not find in other opticians. Elise loves her new specs and also her prescription sunglasses (photo attached to prove it).

I wear specs and lots of people have commented on them. Occasionally I also wear contact lenses; I struggle with eye dryness and Claire helped me to find suitable lenses which I now can wear for long days with no problems.

Hammond & Dummer Opticians deserve to win as they are friendly, offer the best customer service, beautiful Practice environment, latest technology for eye examination, latest designs and huge range in specs for adults and young children, large range of designer sunglasses.”

Sofia and Elise Craig

As an Example of fashionista's you are all peerless

“As an example of fashionista’s you are all peerless, it’s a joy to visit the store and enjoy the dress sense and imagination you all demonstrate in your choice of clothing which is unparalleled in any opticians I have ever visited in 60+ years.”

Robert McClatchie

I cannot find the same as I can with Hammond and Dummer

John Hooker“I am probably your only customer who lives and works in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   This is a very fashion conscious location – more about how you look than what you wear.  So items such as glasses become important – because it is more part of you than say the t shirt you are wearing.

I cannot find the same in Brazil as I can with Hammond and Dummer which is why I make the round trip journey of 24 hours flying or 11,556 miles.  I also sport Saltrock casual wear from Braunton in North Devon, just to be different.  Mind you I don’t look Brazilian either with or without the glasses.

When I recently lost my PC glasses in Sao Paulo, I was able to email for my prescription, buy a pair locally whilst ordering remotely for pick up in the UK.  Now that is great foresight from an optician who is more than just specs.”

John Hooker

The welcome is always warm and friendly and the Piano is awesome.

“As usual the care and attention received on my last visit to your practice was second to none.

The welcome is always warm and friendly and the Piano is awesome.

I did notice that you had some new equipment and it’s great that you continue to invest in technology to look after my eyes and optical health.

I am sure you notice that I only ever really look at your Cartier range, however Michelle loves all the other boutique and fashion brands that you have on offer (I just wish you had less ?)!!!. The range and choice on offer in your practice is superb, it a real pleasure to just browse your displays

As always your team give 100% to the customer/patient and it’s true that people buy from people, it’s great to see that you have been recognised by your industry peers in the past and in my opinion you are the best opticians I have ever had the pleasure to deal with, having worn glasses for over 40 yrs (the last 5 under your care) I have seen a lot of opticians that could learn some real lessons from you and your team.

Keep up the brilliant work”

Steve Mulvaney

The range of unusual fashion frames you stock is fantastic

“I think the range of unusual fashion frames you stock is fantastic – I’ve had strangers stop me on the street, on the train, on the tube, in the UK, in New Zealand, in France, all to ask where I got them from! My friend Jeanette who lives in Kent is now one of your customers because she couldn’t find anything as innovative anywhere in her locality. It’s a great service! “

Gill Hammond
(No relation to the original Hammonds of H&D!)


“I have been a customer of Hammond & Dummer since the practice opened and I have never been anywhere else for glasses or lenses, not even online! Why you may ask? Well mainly because of the exemplary service and welcome you get every time you walk through the door, I now even have my own PGA (personal glasses assistant) Jennie! Lol.

All jokes aside, I am treated like a friend and not just a customer, that makes all the difference to me and is why I will always be a customer and will always recommend the practice for customer service, product range and innovation. SPECtacular! :)”

Christian Osborne

Worthy of an award

“I recently came to visit your shop with a view to purchasing new spectacles.   I had already been advised that I would need bi-focals or varifocals

My biggest concern was the thickness of the lenses and how my eyes would adapt to the transition.

To add to the mix, I hate shopping for myself and was not looking forward to the experience.

I would just like to say what an amazing service I have received from Claire and her staff – it really is worthy of an award.

I have been stopped many times in the street with people commenting on my amazing glasses and asking where they were purchased from.

I have and will continue to recommend their services.”

Jane Stevens

Trendy at last!

“Your representative, Jennifer Bull was very attentive and showed a great deal of care.

She put me at ease and was able to address all my concerns. She guided me through the selection process and we discussed the pros and cons of each pair selected.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of MYKITA spectacles which are extremely comfortable and function really well. Whist I am not interested in fashion, I have been pleasantly surprised that some clients and friends have commented on them. – Trendy at last!!

I have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends.”

John Busto

A big Thank You to you and your team

“A big Thank You to you and your team for my new glasses which I am absolutely delighted with.  Time and again you and your team surpass our expectations!  Visiting your practice is a delight – from the friendly welcome and convivial ambiance of the surroundings, the calm and thorough eye examination to the amazing selection of beautiful frames, ably selected to meet our every need by your highly trained dispensing team.

Sue is due a routine eye examination soon and we look forward to seeing your remodelled premises which look exciting.  She will no doubt be keen to expand her glasses ‘wardrobe’ although how she will ever improve upon the most recent glasses you provided is hard to know!  They are attractive, comfortable and great for golf and have drawn many compliments from friends and family – so much so that, as you know, our niece is now a very happy patient coming to you from Central London.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have your practice on our doorstep – the care of our eyes is in very safe hands and we wish you and your team continued success”

Arthur Long

Honest advice

“happy to compliment your practice as I have received excellent service from you.  I particularly liked the honest advice I asked for regarding the shape and colour of the frames I liked and how they matched the shape of my head!  Left to myself I often make fashion mistakes so I tend to seek advice for the look and quality of the lenses as I want a sharp image as I particularly enjoy reading and drawing.  Your frames and lenses are the highest quality and well worth the outlay, a good investment to my mind.  Lastly, the eye examinations pick up any health issues which I find very reassuring.  Good luck with the Optician Awards you deserve the recognition for the quality of your service and products.”

Peter Mynors

Hammond & Dummer can truly be trusted

“We certainly have nothing but words of praise for Hammond & Dummer Opticians. Regarding our son: we first came to the practice after being notified by our son’s nursery that have may require a sight test. He was only 18 months old!! After ringing around various opticians, wanting to be seen that day (worried first time parent) Hammond & Dummer said to come down that afternoon.  We have the most energetic, wriggly little boy, who is in to everything but sitting still!  Claire’s patience was astounding! She needed to put in drops & at first this did not work so great, so a second dose was required.  Despite the practice due to close Claire persisted in getting a prescription.  She put our minds at ease & was very reassuring despite our son having a very strong prescription.  They had a great range of toddler proof frames (these had many admirers) & offered a service to make his lens less thick.  Belinda has the patience of a saint to deal with our son’s measurements & needs!  I have seen Emma for my own eye test & I believe that Hammond & Dummer can truly be trusted!  There is such a high level of service from all the team.  Truly professional. I would not take my son anywhere else.  He is now just over 3 years old & has gotten very comfortable having an eye test, all thanks to the team giving him a positive experience from the start. He also now has some very trendy frames which are growing in style as fast as he is.”

Alison Haeney & Andy Whyte

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