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At Hammond and Dummer we don’t compromise on the standard of your eye care.

The piece of mind that our patients gain from receiving a clean bill of health can not be overstated. That’s why at Hammond & Dummer, we’re continually investing in the latest retinal imaging technologies to help improve the quality of care that we offer. In fact the array of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment available at H&D is now so impressive, we’re better equipped than many NHS eye hospitals.

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At Hammond & Dummer, we use the latest diagnostic equipment from the world’s top manufactures


Most imaging equipment offers an optometrists only a narrow view of the back of your eyes and so abnormalities that manifest outside of this relatively small area can sometime be missed during an eye examination.

The OPTUS Daytona is an advanced retinal imaging tool which offers an incredible 120° view of the back of your eyes. This provides Claire with a much enhanced view of your retina for a more thorough examination that has ever previously been possible.

In fact this piece of equipment is so sensitive that Claire is now able to detect, diagnose and treat a whole raft of conditions sometimes, even before her patient becomes aware of the symptoms.


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging actually shows us what is happening beneath the surface and so is a much better health check of your eyes. It can also measure your corneal thickness and look at the front of your eye in great detail.

This advanced technique allows us to look further into your eyes and find conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Diabetes and Glaucoma in their infancy thus enabling us to get you the best treatment as soon as possible.

OCT has been in our practice for a decade and the technology has advanced even further. Our OCT instrumentation is the third generation Swept Source OCT technology, meaning we can see into your eye in more detail than ever before.


Our Rodenstock’s DNEye Analyser can ascertain if you have higher order aberrations within your visual system. These aberrations cause glare especially when the pupil is fully open in dark situations or at night. Most patients assume that glare from car headlights or street lights is normal. We can, however, eliminate this problem for you. The information provided by this advanced analyser is used to make bespoke lenses just for you.


Keratography is used to map the contours of the front of your eyes. It’s like a map of your eyes and we can then use this to prescribe the very best contact lenses for you. Further it is a vital tool in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes and is an adjunct to our Tear Clinic.


We are constantly using our peripheral vision (side vision), it lets us know where we are within our surroundings for example when walking about; to prevent bumping into things, when driving; to see other road users and to check our position on the road. Also, when reading or looking at a computer; to see the letters and words that are going to be read or working out where on the screen we need to look next.

Peripheral vision is as important as central vision and visual field testing assess if our peripheral vision is functioning normally.  It is one of the important checks in screening for glaucoma.  It also checks to make sure that our visual processing, between our eyes and our brain, is working properly. This is important for investigating the cause of headaches and can even detect brain tumours.

The test itself only takes a couple of minutes for each eye, is totally painless and gives peace of mind.

With these instruments we offer one of the most thorough eye tests money can buy

To provide you with continuity of care our complete suite of instrumentation is linked to a highly secure internal network allowing us to provide you with a permanent history of your eye care.