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Opthalmic Imaging Milton Keynes, Hammond & Dummer We like to be at the cutting edge of technology at Hammond and Dummer and are delighted to say that we can also offer additional services.

We can do fundus photography which takes a flat image of the back of your eyes.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) imaging actually shows us what is happening beneath the surface and so is a much better health check of your eyes. It can also measure your corneal thickness and look at the front of your eye in great detail.

Opthalmic Imaging Milton Keynes, Hammond & Dummer These more advanced techniques allow us to look further into your eyes and find conditions such as Macula degeneration Diabetes, and Glaucoma in their infancy, thus enabling us to get you the best treatment as soon as possible.

Our Keratograph is used to map the contours of the front of your eyes, very useful in contact lens wear and if you have keratoconus. It can also be used to look at your tear film in great detail.

These all give a permanent record of your eye health at a particular point in time so that any changes can be picked up and acted upon immediately.


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