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Eyesight is precious and none more so than that of our children.

The majority of development of the eyes and the visual processing system occurs before the age of seven. Children are not always aware if they have a problem with their eyes or vision, they think what they see is the same as everyone else. They do not know how the world should look so it falls to their parents to ensure that their visual system is given the best opportunity to develop to its full potential. The best way to ensure this is by bringing them to an Optometrist for regular eye checks from pre-school age, or earlier if you have concerns or family history of eye problems such as amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (eye turn/squint). Don’t worry if your child can not read yet as we have pictures and other fun ways of checking their eyes.

Our eye check is tailored for each child to make it as fun and stress free as possible. As well as checking children’s eye sight and eye health, we have several ranges of frames specifically for children. Our children’s ranges are specifically designed for children’s facial characteristics so they will not affect the development or their nose and ensure they are looking through the lenses correctly. We have frames suitable for children from a few weeks old to teenagers that both children and parents will approve of.

As well as the standard eye examination we, at Hammond and Dummer, can offer additional tests to ensure that children have the best, most comfortable vision possible;

Reading is not just about seeing, you need clear vision and the ability to process that visual information effectively and rapidly. Some children (and adults) suffer from a condition known as Meares-Irlen syndrome or Visual stress. This can cause words to appear to move around on the page, illusions of colours, headaches or eyestrain and general discomfort while trying to read. These symptoms can reduce reading speed make reading an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience but can be reduced by the use of coloured overlays.

It is not just people with Specific Learning Difficulties that can be affected by this condition, up to 20% of the population suffer with some degree visual stress. Here at Hammond and Dummer we are able to offer a screening test for Visual stress. This computer based system enables us to find if a specific colour would help with these symptoms and identify precisely which colour would be of benefit. This can then be given as a coloured overlay or coloured lenses in spectacles, even as coloured contact lenses if necessary.

Please contact reception on 01908 695395 to discuss this further or enquire about fees regarding additional services.


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