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Experience for yourself our award winning care and the ultra comfortable OrthoK lenses when you visit us at our Milton Keynes practice

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Where award winning eyecare and quality, combine.

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Because we're independent we can supply contact lenses from any of the world's leading manufacturers


Voted winner of the Contact Lens Patient Engagement Award at the Optician Awards 2017 is testament to the expertise and professionalism found at Hammond and Dummer.

We take the time to find out exactly your lifestyle, sports and interests and we can find the perfect lens for you.

At Hammond and Dummer we can source any contact lens on the market, we are not tied to one or two huge companies, and so we will be able to find you a lens that suits your eyes and your prescription.

At H&D we regard you as an individual with bespoke requirements. Our experience and knowledge assures you of the best possible contact lens examination, trial and exemplary comfort and fit.

Ortho-K lenses

Imagine waking up in the morning to perfect vision! Most shortsighted (myopic) people cannot do this without first putting on their glasses.

We are the leading proponent of lenses that painlessly ‘reshape’ your eyes whilst you sleep enabling you to see during the day without glasses or contact lenses. These are called OrthoK lenses or Eye Dream lenses. They are ideal for those who find normal lens wear difficult or hate wearing contact lenses during the day or maybe you work in a very dry atmosphere, or play lots of sport.

Hammond and Dummer have invested heavily in the unique technology and training to be able to fit these very specialised lenses. Hannah, Claire’s daughter, has been successfully wearing them for several years now and there’s no going back!

Myopia Control

Current research indicates that we are, as a nation, becoming more short-sighted – Myopic. This condition probably stems from childhood and the prevalence of reading smart phones and electronic gadgets especially in dim light maybe the cause.

Myopia can get worse as children grow older. Reducing the progression of myopia is possible and we can employ several treatments which have been successful in slowing down myopia. Myopic eyes are more at risk of detrimental eye conditions such as retinal tears and retinal detachments.

Currently, in the UK, we use contact lenses. OrthoK lenses as above, and also specialist soft lenses that can be worn during the day. These are hugely beneficial for children, whose parent or parents are myopic, to prevent them becoming even more short sighted.

Specialist Contact Lenses

At H&D we have access to all and any lenses available worldwide; not just a few. We can fit and prescribe the best lens for you – bespoke to you needs.

We have huge expertise in specialist lenses to help mitigate the detrimental effects of dyslexia especially in children and young adults. Hammond & Dummer is one of the very few opticians that are recognised by the world leader in colour analysis for eyes, Chromogen, to examine and prescribe their revolutionary prodcts.

Lenses that can relieve the symptoms of visual stress and coloured contact lenses that can change your natural eye colour thereby masking disfiguring scars and defects making both eyes look the same are available to all our patients.

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Where award winning eyecare and quality, combine.